Free nautical quiz for Sailors in lockdown

Sailing Quiz

We have created a FREE quiz for people to use and enjoy while the world is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

The quiz shows you the question and then a QUIZMASTER only has to reveal the answer before moving onto the next question. 30 in all.
  • Fully automatic and self running.
  • 30 random nautical questions on terms and sayings.
  • Answer revealed after each question.
  • FREE while we are in lockdown.
  • Works on a TV, PC or mobile.
  • Different every time.
  • Get into your teams now (or play on your own).
  • Get Paper and pencil ready BEFORE you start.
Nautical Terms and Old Sayings
Sailing Questions up to Day Skipper Level.
SailingQuiz Works on: All platforms
Rated: 4 stars - 37 reviews.

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